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Les' first instrument, when he was a young child, was the acordian. After several years of playing this under rated instrument he found another musical calling. The trumpet.

Throughout his high school years he was a stand out at trumpet, playing in the marching band and at various highschool events. Such was his proficiency with the trumpet that he earned the John Phillips Souza award.

Still a teen, his father bought him his first guitar, a 12 string Martin, which he still has to this day. Often, he can be found picking out a tune and singing along with friends or family.

In fact, he is currently working on a small collection of old folk tunes with his son and hopes to have a CD of these classics in the near future.

Les had always been a fan of old Irish, Scotish and English music. Consequently, he fell in love with another instrument; the bagpipes. And, at the ripe old age of 38, he bought his first set of pipes.

As with other instruments, he took to the bagpipes like a duck to water. Soon after, he began competing in various piping competitions and winning various awards. Eventually, he became pipe major for the City of Glendale's Pipe Band and is, currently, the official piper for the Southern Illinois chapter of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Les Lannom ~Bagpiper in Southern Illinois


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